Emma Smith

Practice Manager

Emma Smith - Practice Manager
Emma Smith RVN CERTVNECC APHC DIpEqSC Practice Manager

Emma qualified in 2011 and was part of the Isle Vets team when she qualified. She left to gain experience in a busy hospital, where she became the Head Nurse a short time later. Within this time she completed her Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care and her Advanced Pet Health Counsellor amongst many other qualifications. Emma ran all of the nurse clinics and set up a variety of medical clinics to support her clients and
their lovely pets. She was also in charge of all the students and played a large role in teaching and supporting the students and their clinical coaches, through their studies as well as being a clinical coach herself, to a number of them.

She has a huge passion for all animals and ensuring they get the gold standard treatment that they deserve. Emma has also sat on the VetSkill Panel, creating and developing the new Veterinary Nursing qualification alongside the college of animal welfare and is looking forward to using this qualification for the students in the future.