Prevention is better than cure

  • Vaccinations
  • Dentistry
  • Pre-Purchase Examinations (Vettings)
  • Injury and Lamenness
  • Therapies
  • Disease Investigation
  • Breeding and Insemination


  • Simple injections can protect your horse against Tetanus, a life threatening disease and Influenza, which seriously affects health and performance.
  • There is no specific cure for these diseases, so prevention by vaccination is essential.
  • We take the time to examine each horse we vaccinate, so it is a great opportunity to discuss any problems or concerns you may have about your horse.


  • Equine teeth erupt throughout life and need regular attention to ensure that your horse is comfortable.
  • Tooth problems can cause many issues – from poor performance and behavioural changes, to decreased appetite and weight loss.
  • We use the latest equipment to perform a full range of dental procedures, from routine rasping to complicated tooth extractions.

Pre-Purchase Examinations (Vettings)

  • Having a thorough check over of any horse you wish to buy, by an experienced vet, is invaluable to identify problems before they become yours.
  • We examine the horse at rest and at exercise and fully discuss our findings with you, to help you decide if the horse is suitable for your desired purpose.
  • Sometimes specialised equipment is necessary to back up our findings; we can scan, x-ray and endoscope on site, allowing a prompt decision to be reached.

Injury and Lamenness

  • Ambulatory x-ray equipment, including digital radiography, available to use on your yard.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound for tendon and other soft tissue evaluation.
  • Full work up facilities at surgery including trot up path and lunge area.


  • Shockwave treatment for soft tissue injury.
  • Laser surgery for removal of sarcoids.

Disease Investigation

  • In house laboratory for rapid blood screens
  • Endoscopy for respiratory tract investigation
  • Gastroscopy to evaluate stomach ulcers
  • Worm egg counts performed

Breeding and Insemination

Breeding and Artificial Insemination for both Stud Farms and private breeders.

Monitoring Pregnancy

  • BEVA accredited practice for fresh and frozen AI
  • In house and on yard ultrasound scanning
  • Diagnosis and treatments of infertility and pregnancy problems

Planning for Pregnancy

  • Timing: Your foal needs to be born when you have the time and facilities.
  • Vaccination: Tetanus and Herpes prevention.
  • Twinning: We recommend scans at 15-18 days, 25-30 days and after 45 days to be as sure as possible of a single pregnancy

Mare and Foal Care

  • Mare must pass entire placenta within 6 hours of birth.
  • Foal must be fully nursing by 8 hours old.
  • Blood test for immunity between 12 – 48 hours.
  • Tetanus boost in the first 48 hours.
  • Full exam to make sure all is normal