Services for farm animals available at Isle Veterinary Group

  • Farm Livestock
  • Alpacas and Camelids
  • Smallholders, Pigs and Goats

Farm Livestock

Health Planning

Herd and flock health plans, created specifically for your farm by your chosen vet, include annual planners to ensure smooth day to day implementation of procedures.

Disease Monitoring

We offer a wide range of herd health services, including CHECS/MV/CAE schedule work, metabolic profiling, herd/flock assessment and surgical procedures.


Our vets have special interests in bovine, ovine and caprine reproduction and we offer artificial insemination, pregnancy scanning, barren cow/ewe/nanny investigation, bull and ram fertility testing and replacement stock selection advice.


Alpacas and Camelids

Alpaca Healthcare

  • We are equipped with up to date ultrasound, X-rays and endoscopes to carry out any procedures
  • Veterinary team with extensive Alpaca experience

Routine Healthcare

  • Parasite advice for both internal and external problems
  • General nutrition and Vitamin D provision
  • Vaccination and disease prevention
  • Reproduction; pregnancy scanning, fertility planning and advice


  • Caesarian section, molar removal and fracture repair
  • Medicine, blood transfusions, plasma transfusions in crias
  • In-house laboratory

Our vets are experienced in treating alpacas and llamas and have a broad knowledge of current diseases and treatments.

  • Professional healthcare for alpacas and camelids
  • 24/7 in house on and farm emergency service

Smallholders, Pigs and Goats

Management and Husbandry

  • The most important aspect in producing and maintaining healthy stock, is to have the correct basic management and underlying husbandry.
  • Advice given for routine care and preventative medicine strategies, tailored to individual farm needs.
  • Catering for beloved pets and small commercial enterprises.

Preventative Medicine

  • Vaccination plans to prevent avoidable diseases.
  • Blood testing for Breed Health Schemes for small pedigree units eg. CAE in goats.
  • Worming programmes based on faecal egg counts and individual needs. Choosing the right product, and how and when to worm, is critical for maintenance of healthy animals, especially if grazing is limited.

Individual Animal Care

  • Medical treatment for the individual animal, as well as by flock or herd.
  • Castrations, disbudding of goat kids, tusk reduction in pigs and other minor procedures.
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis for small numbers of sheep, goats or cattle.
  • Sympathetic vets who will listen to your worries and act accordingly.

Pigs, Goats, Poultry and more, we are always on hand to help and support smallholders.