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Acupuncture, Microchipping, Puppy Classes and more

  • Fleas, Worming and Vaccination
  • Neutering and Diet
  • Microchipping
  • Nurse Consultations
  • Puppy Class

Fleas, Worming and Vaccination

Take Proactive care with regular worming

  • Puppies and kittens need to be wormed monthly until they are 6 months old.
  • Cats and dogs over 6 months old should be wormed every 1-6 months depending on the lifestyle of the pet.
  • Rabbits we advise worming routinely every 6 months.
  • We also would advise worming rabbits, whenever a new rabbit is introduced to the household.
  • Wide range of products available in spot on, tablet and paste form.


Save your pet the irritation with regular flea treatments

  • Fleas can be a nuisance to your pets (and to you)! Fleas can be a source of tape worm, allergies and can impact upon the health of your pet.
  • Wide range of reliable veterinary products available to treat your pets.
  • Household sprays available to treat the home environment for all round protection.


Don't take the risk - keep your pet up to date with vaccinations

  • Vaccination is essential to protect your pets against a variety of diseases, many of which can be life threatening.
  • We have a range of vaccinations suitable for your pet's lifestyle.
  • It is a requirement of most kennels and catteries for the boarding animal to be up to date with their vaccinations.
  • It is a requirement of insured pets that vaccinations are kept up to date.
  • Full health check performed at every vaccination.

Neutering and Diet

Why neuter your Pet?

  • There are many advantages to neutering your pet including prevention of unwanted pregnancy, prevention of certain medical conditions and to help with some behavioural issues.
  • For more information contact a member of our team.

Advice on nutrition and diet 

  • General dietary advice given.
  • Advice to achieve ideal body weight whether your pet is over or underweight.
  • Range of life stage diets available.
  • Large range of prescription diets available for helping to manage certain medical conditions.
  • For more information contact a member of our team.


Make sure your pets can always come home

  • Ensure your pet can be re-united with you in the event it is lost or stolen.
  • Collars and tags can slip off or be removed by thieves, but a microchip is a permanent way to identify your pet.
  • Since April 6th 2016 it has been a legal requirement to microchip all dogs.

Nurse Consultations

Our nurses undertake a variety of clinics including:

  • Flea and worm prevention and advice
  • Nail clips
  • Anal glands
  • Post operation checks
  • Geriatric checks
  • Weight checks
  • Socialisation visits
  • Dental checks
  • Stitch removal

If your pet is enrolled in the Isle Pet Club then many of the above are offered free of charge. If not, some clinics may incur a small charge for our nurses' time and skills.  

Look out for our new nurse clinics being launched during the course of 2020.

Puppy Class

Essential Social Skills

Socialisation is one of the most important things you will be able to provide for them, our puppy classes are ideal for socialising your puppy. The aim of our classes is to socialise your puppy from an early age with other dogs and people. It allows them to have a good association with the practice and then are more relaxed later on in life.

Dog Training

Without these essential social skills, dogs can be much harder to train. For puppies that have had their first vaccination our classes run for 6 consecutive weeks, with a professional dog trainer and one of our own nurses. On completion you will receive a Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation certificate and rosette.

All training has been carefully designed to take you through the basic training techniques. We will help you expand your knowledge and training skills whilst maintaining a fun relaxed environment for both you and your puppy.