In addition to our services, we offer acupuncture as a complementary therapy

We can offer acupuncture as a complementary therapy here at The Isle Veterinary Centre.
This involves the placement of needles into special locations on the body to alleviate pain and increase the recovery rate. It is usually done in the conscious animal as it is normally tolerated very well. Needles are normally left in place for 10-20 minutes.

Conditions that may be treated with acupuncture include:

Some individuals are very responsive to acupuncture and will show dramatic improvement after one treatment.

The vast majority of patients will respond gradually over a period of time. On average 4 treatments are required initially. These are given weekly. Thereafter, regular top ups may be required every 3-4 weeks for chronic problems to maintain therapeutic effect.

A small minority of patients are refractory to acupuncture and will not respond to treatment.

If you would like to discuss further, please telephone the practice and speak to Rosanne or make an appointment with Rosanne, who has received training from the Association of British Acupuncture, which takes the modern, scientific, western approach.

Meg's Story

My views on acupuncture.
I cannot express the benefit that acupuncture has had on Meg. I know some people are a little sceptical of these sorts of things although it has been widely used for centuries. Hopefully you will change your mind when you hear Meg’s story.

Meg used to shake on her back legs when out for a short walk, sleeping and just standing still. It must have annoyed her shaking like that all the time. My very good vet Rosanne suggested acupuncture to me as Meg has arthritis as well as the shaking, and I did take some time to think about it as Meg is a little old lady and gets very stressed at the vets.

I hated to see her keep shaking so I booked Meg’s first appointment with Rosanne which was on the 7th October 2015. Well, my goodness, we came home and Meg’s shaking just stopped. I was amazed and just couldn’t take my eyes off Meg. I watched her the whole night and still no shaking. I thought ‘wow’ this has got to be so good for her with arthritis as well.

Meg has her acupuncture every four weeks. Meg’s movement is a lot better. I would recommend anyone to try it, it really does work and is much kinder on the animal's body than a load of drugs which can harm their vital organs. The benefits of acupuncture truly outweigh the cost. This is surely worth a try, you will see a big difference in your animal as I have seen in Meg.

I have not looked back since Meg’s first treatment and wish that I had done this a long time ago. Meg will have her treatment every four weeks for as long as she’s with me.

From Sadie & Meg

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