Keri Whitwell

Support Manager & Equine Veterinary Nurse

Keri Whitwell
Keri Whitwell RVN Support Manager & Equine Veterinary Nurse

Keri joined the practice in February 2013 and enjoys assisting in all aspects of equine and farm animal veterinary nursing. In 2018, Keri became an Equine Artificial Insemination Technician and enjoys assisting Laura with Bovine Embryo Transfer.

In 2019, Keri became a Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN) shortly followed by the completion of her Animal Medicines Advisory qualifications for all species to become an R-SQP (a busy year!).

When not dressed in work attire she enjoys the countryside and spending time outdoors with her Shetland pony, Thunder Pants, who is the company mascot.